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Aims and Objectives
To forge ahead in building a sound and profitable business at the same time offering affordable developmental and business loans and creating decent jobs.

Sound economic growth policy with a view to expansion in other provinces, to be imaginative and creative in building a strong profitable future with a vision to be the leader in this market.
There is a definite need for the services that Sakthi offers, particularly in Phoenix.  Phoenix is a low to middle Income Township North of Durban.  With poverty not being uncommon, and the many of its people are not banked, makes the service offering that Sakthi has, all the more value adding.
Sakthi aspires to be innovative and expects to target a new, growing market. Sakthi feels confident that the market will continue to respond, and grow quickly in the next five years. 
  • To create a reputation of quality, consistency and value added basic good personal finance advice that will make Sakthi the leader in Phoenix and surrounding townships in the area of financial awareness with the unbanked masses;
  • To satisfy the borrowing needs of the low to middle income unbanked masses;
  • To achieve sufficient profits and cash flow to provide for continued expansion of the operation;
  • To provide attractive returns to stakeholders involved in the business and to achieve a pay back on the initial investment in the agreed minimum payback period; and
  • To provide an organization in which all the employees can participate with a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and pride.


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