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Chairperson: Mr Neville Ramalingum
Mr. Ramalingum is currently employed as operations manager at Barloworld Logistics.  In 2005 when Sakthi Financial Services cc was opened, he had been responsible for majority of funding in business and overseeing administration.
He retained Mr. Thulukanam as Operations Manager in Sakthi cc and Lilly as an assistant.  Mr. Ramalingum has been elected to Chairman by the board members of Sakthi (Pty) Ltd since the inception of the private company. 
He has vast experience in MFI since 2005
Managing Director: Mr Sam Thulukanam
Mr. Sam Thulukanam will be responsible for the day to day running of the business.  He will be accountable to the board of directors for all aspects of the business.
He has 26 years experience in financial management.  He joined Daveglen Financial Services in 2000 as operations manager until company was liquidated in 2005.
He has attended MFRC workshop 2003/04. 
Director: Mr Alvin Thulukanam
He has been a partner in Sakthi cc since 2006;
With a shareholding of 20%;
Presently employed with Tern Textiles as Finance Manager; 
Director of Govender’s Take Away in Industrial Park, Phoenix since 2009; and
Experience in MFI since 2006.
Director: Ms Lilly Arthur
Since 2000, Ms Arthur has been the officer/branch manager for Daveglen branch office in Rainham, Phoenix until the company liquidated; 
Attended MFRC workshop 2003/04; and
Presently employed as Cash Control Manager at Nick Steins Funworld.


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